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From a young age I realised I was blessed with a strong intuition but certain childhood traumas meant that I suppressed it in order to survive. It was not until I experienced a crisis in adulthood while struggling to complete my Doctorate degree that I was forced to begin the uncomfortable and confusing process of healing myself. Through decades-long self-work beginning first with psychotherapy and  various self- healing modalities I was able to find my core and create alignment in my life. This allowed me to also develop the gift that enabled me to feel, sense and know, things that others couldn’t. This adventure led me far beyond the confines of academia and into creative writing, dance and the teachings of enlightened masters as part of my spiritual growth.

I would eventually overcome a lifetime of disordered eating fuelled by generalised anxiety disorder as well as a pattern of dysfunctional, co-dependent relationships. I was able to begin sharing my gifts and help others onto the path to healing.

My spiritual awakening accelerated when I encountered my Twin Flame putting my life on a new trajectory and mission. My spiritual gifts of clairsentience and claircognizance came online and I was called to the Tarot.  I found that I could do profound readings with clear accurate advice for people I did not know right from the start. I knew then that I had found my true calling and a way to help others connect with Spirit and their Higher Selves.

I am committed to service as a Tarot reader and Tarot adviser for anyone who needs my help from across the world. I am also called to assist those who are in twin flame and soulmate connections as well as those from Africa and the Diaspora for whom Tarot is not so well known.

I am here to let you know you do not have to face life’s challenges alone.

Book a reading with me today and begin your healing transformation now.

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